12 March 2017

Protestant "Lent"

As I've done during past Lents, I'm going to record some of my reflections upon this year's liturgical occasion; however, this time around, I have gained some new perspective on why Lent is significant to me, largely in response to what it does not signify.

12 February 2017

Of underdogs and the redeemed

Watching Super Bowl LI last Sunday, I was rooting for the Falcons. Like most, I enjoy a good underdog story (no pun intended with Michael Vick in mind...), even though both the Patriots and Falcons had excellent seasons. So, by "underdog," I mean simply that the Falcons were not favoured to beat the Patriots. And man, the first 3 quarters of the game were exciting and hopeful for anyone who wanted to see the Patriots served their comeuppance for being lousy, rotten cheaters! Of course, as things turned out, the Patriots won. And that got me thinking...