26 December 2010

Skywalker Syndrome

Well! It has been a while, much longer than I intended, since my last post. In order to keep some record of what I've been up, I'm going to try and sum up several thoughts that were going through my head from 30 November through 13 December; from there, I intend to write a couple more posts about more current happenings.

28 November 2010

Intersections, or: Of Thanks & Hope

I noticed just how pessimistic, cynical, and arrogant I'm being about the abysmal use of English in my current environs, and that's not how I want to respond to what could otherwise be simply amusing errors that make me smile (taking what "I've seen on Mulberry Street" and enjoying it).
...Oddly, I don't have any English anomalies to report today.

15 November 2010

Sherman's "French" quarter

Today's unbearable error is brought to you by the letter B.
B, as in Bastogne, Brussels, or Beleriand; B as in baby, berry, or bog; B as in bubbly, boisterous, or buoyant.


28 October 2010

Showing how with Threat and Pen, more is Effected than by Sword

Well, I'm finally hunkering down to the task of starting a blog. There won't be much in this entry; my need to express bemused frustration with the anguished state of English has hit its limit, and I have hit upon blogging as a means to record the many errors, mistakes, and generally humourous misuses of English that keep me sane in my year of community service.